The site is uniquely located in the former mining town of Millom. On the edge of the beautiful Lake District, the small town overlooks Duddon Sands, an area of sandy, grassy saltmarshes. The retreat site itself boasts views across the bay and the Duddon Estuary Site of Specific Scientific Interest (SSI), and access to the Hodbarrow RSPB Nature Reserve, and Millom beach.

History of the site

In 1855 iron ore was discovered here and for the next 100 years Millom became a relatively large industrial town.  The mines have long since closed. Today the area once operating as an iron ore mine and steelworks forms the Hodbarrow RSPB nature reserve. A lagoon now fills the former pit.

The site today

Since the closure of the Iron works in 1968 this area has become a haven for wildlife, with the former Slag piles being slowly colonised by a rich variety of plants and animals alike. There are areas of species rich grassland and a pond supporting Natterjack toads. Butterflies and ground nesting birds are frequent.


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